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How much is an airless paint sprayer


 How much is an airless paint sprayer?

Airless sprayers start at about $200. Spending more doesn't necessarily get you more features, but it does get you a bigger, better motor and pump, which will deliver longer life and trouble-free operation.

Product details:

Supports up to a .017 spray tip.

Flexible siphon with metal inlet strainer and return tube.

Inlet check ball release for easy priming.

Includes all metal airless spray gun W/517 spray tip and guard

Product Information

Model No.: R8623 //R8623NL

Votage frquency: 120V/60hz // 220V/50hz

Motor power: 5/8/HP(500w)

Max pressure: 3000psi(20.7MPA)

Standard Nozzle size: 517

Spraying width: 250-310mm

Length of hose: 7.6m

Flow rate: 1.1LPM

Maz pressure for the hose: 83MPA

Airless Paint Sprayer R8623L.