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What's The Process Of A Palm Nailer Work?


Palm nailers are compact, pneumatic-powered tools designed for driving nails into tight spaces and intricate workpieces. By harnessing the force of compressed air, these tools enable professionals and enthusiasts alike to drive nails with efficiency.


The Firing Sequence

When you depress the trigger on a palm nailer, it initiates a precise sequence of events. First, the trigger opens up a valve that allows compressed air from the air hose to enter the cylinder chamber. As the cylinder fills up with compressed air, it builds up incredible force behind the driver blade.  


Most palm nailers use a method called "differential firing" which works kind of like a balloon. As air enters the closed cylinder, it pushes against the driver blade equally in all directions. But there's an air bleed hole that slowly releases air from the front side of the cylinder. This creates more pressure on the back of the driver blade, generating a driving force.


Once the pressure differential becomes high enough, the driver blade gets pushed forward with tremendous force, striking the nail into the wood. As soon as it fires, the valve closes and the pressure is released through an exhaust. This rapid sequence happens in a fraction of a second, allowing the palm nailer to drive nails incredibly quickly.


The Nose Design

One of the most ingenious parts of a palm nailer is the nose design. It's this component that allows you to accurately place nails into incredibly tight spaces that would be impossible with a full-size nail gun. The nose acts as a nail guide, holding the nail in the perfect position until firing.


Some noses even have small grooves or dimples to capture the nail head and prevent any sideways nail rotation before firing. Many noses are designed to work with full round head nails, while others are made specifically for angled, clipped or other specialized nail styles used for certain trim applications. Oiling the nose regularly is important to keep nails feeding properly.


The Advantages of Pneumatic

So why choose a pneumatic palm nailer over a electric model? You'll never have to worry about running out of battery in the middle of a project.


Pneumatic nailers are also remarkably durable, with very few moving parts that can wear out over time. As long as you have a supply of compressed air, these tools can run virtually non-stop all day long. And despite their small size, palm nailers really pack a big punch thanks to the power of compressed air.


A key distinction over larger nailers is the palm nailer's compact size and electromagnetic management system that eliminates the need for physical fly springs. These attributes allow for extremely controlled, precise nail driving while still being fueled by an industrial-strength pneumatic powerhouse.


The palm form factor provides unmatched maneuverability to access tight corners, awkward angles, and cramped spaces far better than larger nailers. This makes palm nailers perfect for frame work, furniture making, cabinetry, and anything requiring precision nailing in confined areas.


The RONGPENG MSN120 palm nailer are popular among carpenters, construction workers, and DIYers due to their portability, power, and ease of use. 360-degree swivel plug allows the hose to hang at any angle instead of straight out adding convenience when working in  tight spaces.


Magnetic nail guide for faster and easier driving. The use of hemicycle bolt can protect user's hand from damaging. Adjustable depth control for quick countersinking adjustment. Adjustable screw bit can be exchanged into different style.


It can drives bulk nails 2-1/2" to 4-3/4", ideal for nailing in tight spaces and for projects like trim carpentry,  installing Joist hangers, metal connectors, cabinetry installation, fencing, and deck building.




Required pressure:70-100PSI(5-7bar)


Nail Capacity:1pc

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