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How To Use Airless Sprayer To Paint A Wood Fence?


It's understandable if you decide to bring in a professional painting contractor experienced in spraying fences. A nice coated wood fence can add protection to your property, but getting that requires the right technique.


Preparing the Fence and Work Area


Mask off any areas you don't want painted using masking paper and tape. This includes things like nearby walls, windows, doors, plants, etc. Take the time to properly mask as this makes a huge difference in getting nice crisp lines.


Finally, put down drop cloths along the fence line to protect any grass, bushes, pathways, etc. from overspray getting on them. Having a dedicated work area makes the actual spraying go much smoother.


Airless Sprayer Setup


Next, use the appropriate tip size for your paint/stain and application. For wood fence painting, a 515 or 517 tip works well to provide a nice even spray fan. Smaller tips risk getting clogged while larger tips make controlling the spray trickier.


Be sure your airless has a high enough output pressure rating for the coating you're using. Stains and heavier latex paints require a sprayer that can generate hot higher pressure to fully atomize the coating.


Speaking of coatings, make sure to use an exterior grade paint, solid stain or semi-transparent stain designed specifically for wood fences and siding. The coating should offer protection against UV rays, moisture, mildew and other exterior conditions the fence will face. Have enough coating on hand to complete the whole job.


How To Use Paint Sprayer on Wood Fence


With the sprayer primed and tested, begin on a less visible section and work your way around the fence. Overlap each spray pass by about 1/3 to ensure even coverage.


Tip: For fence posts, rails or tight spaces, use the narrow round pattern by twisting the spray tip 180 degrees. This gives you a tight circular cone of paint ideal for cutting in those areas.


On flat sections, use lengthy vertical strokes and a zig-zag pattern to cover large areas quickly. Be sure to feather all your passes for a seamless coat.


Work from the top down whenever possible. This prevents any excess drips or runs from marring your freshly painted areas below.


Pro Tip: Add a spray extender or extending tip to your gun when possible. This allows you to angle the spray for different faces of the fence and hard to reach spots.


Spraying the Other Side


One trick that isn't very well known is to plan your spraying sequence so that you alternate sides and let the opposite side dry fully before coming back. In other words, spray the front of one section, then move over and spray the back side of the next section. By the time you circle back, the first side will be dry enough for a re-coat.


This allows the wood to better absorb and grip the new coating. Putting a wet coat onto another wet coat can cause problems like excessive running or dull finishing.


Don't Forget the Extras


While spraying the main fence boards and posts is the focus, also be sure to hit any extra pieces like gate doors or hardware. Remove any hinges or latches and spray them separately on a covered surface for full coverage.


If there are built-in benches, planters, or other add-ons to your fence structure, use the sprayer's detail finishing nozzle to carefully spray these areas. This concentrates the spray into tight spaces.


With proper technique using a quality RONGPENG R450 airless sprayer, you can easily paint an entire wood fence in a weekend. Exclusively designed, easy replaceable suction tube help easier for cleaning the ball valve. Micro-electronics regulator is best for steel antirust and anti-corrosion painting.


Micro switch assure the accuracy of the pressure control. Smart body, low noise motor with great power. Typical anti-wear material reduce the cost maintenance. Special O-ring design and material make the pump longer life time.


RONGPENG R450 is ideal sprayer for regular paint, PU paint, UV special paint etc. 


Model No:R450

Voltage frequency:220V/50HZ(R450), 110v/60hz(455)

Motor power:1.2HP, 900W


Standard nozzle size:517

Max flow rate:2.2lpm

Length of high pressure hose:15m

Max pressure for the hose:83Mpa

Net weight:15.5kg

Output connection:1/4-18npsm

Max spray tip:0.021"


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