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HVLP Spray Gun H881

HVLP Spray Gun H881

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Product information
  • 1.Aluminum die casting of gun         

    2. Nozzle ,needle stainless steel, .copper air cap                 

    3. Peg design, easy to put           

    4 .Suitable for water-based paint spraying neutral viscosity, wide use Spraying speed 10 to 12 m/m, uniform and high efficiency

    5 .Paint utilization rate of more than 65%

Type of Feed:Gravity                                                                                                                                                                              Standard Nozzle:φ1.4mm
Optional Nozzle:φ1.4φ1.7φ2.0φ2.2φ2.5mm
Operating Pressure:2.0-3.5bar
Pattern Width:180-250mm
Air Consumption:4.2-7.1cfm
Paint Capacity:600cc

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