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Airless Paint Sprayer R650

Airless Paint Sprayer R650

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Product information
  • Features:

    1. Low unique watchdog technology to ensure the equipment work voltage instability continues in the site!

    2. Low mocr separate steel bushing,super wear-resistant,cleaning so easy!

    3. The biggest can support 633 nozzles,improve construction efficiency.

    4. Low per minute 2000 unique inductive intelligent recognition nozzle technology,whether home or tooling usage.

    Key Application:

    Wall emulsioni paint,coating,colorants,steel structure anticorrosion paint,epoxy Ping,enamel paint on the metal surface.


Motor size:4HP(3000W)

Max pressure:3000PSI(227bar)

Standard Noozle size:625(0.025")

Flow rate:5L/min(1.35GPM)

Max.Pressure for the hose/Length:83Mpa/>=15mm

Length of High Pressure Hose:30m

Max spray tip:633(0.033")

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