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How To Fix A Dripping Or Leaking Spray Gun?


Has your trusty spray gun started dripping paint or leaking air, making it unusable? Maybe the spray gun has been used for a long time and has never had any need for repairs. So when your gun starts dripping or leaking during use, it needs your attention to identify and correct the problem.


What Causes a Spray Gun to Drip or Leak?


There are several common reasons a spray gun may drip or leak.


Worn or damaged nozzle/fluid tip - The nozzle is where the paint exits the gun. Over time, it can wear down or become blocked with dried paint. This affects the spray pattern and can cause drips.


Clogged air cap - Paint can build up and clog the air holes in the air cap. This negatively impacts atomization and allows drips.


Damaged or missing gasket/seals - Seals around the fluid tip or nozzle can become worn, dry out, or fall off completely. This allows paint to leak from the front of the gun.


Loose fluid needle or knob - If the needle is not properly tightened, paint can leak past it. This will cause drips from the front of the gun.


Check for Worn or Damaged Seals


Most spray guns use rubber o-rings and seals to prevent air and fluid leaks around key junctions. These seals deteriorate over time and with heat and solvent exposure. Examine the main seals and o-rings in the gun body for any cracking, tears or flat spots. Check the seal grooves for paint buildup that could prevent sealing. Replace any warn out seals and clean the grooves. Apply a small amount of o-ring lubricant to help the seals slide into place and seat correctly.


Areas to check closely are the rear seal behind the fluid needle gland, the air valve seals, and the fluid inlet connector seal.


Adjust the Fluid Needle and Air Cap


For the spray gun to apply an even pattern with no drips, the fluid needle and air cap must seal and align correctly. The fluid needle should seat fully into the nozzle. The air cap must fit flat against the nozzle without gaps or misalignment.


In general, the fluid needle is fixed in position but can sometimes be gently seated with light taps. The air cap is adjusted by loosening the retaining ring, aligning it flat to the nozzle, and tightening it down.


If you can't get a tight seal between the nozzle, fluid needle, and air cap, the cause may be worn parts needing replacement. Don't over-tighten the air cap which can distort its shape. Confirm that no paint leaks occur with the cap fully tightened before returning the gun to service.


Inspecting and Fixing External Leaks


If you notice paint dripping or leaking from the front of the spray gun, follow these steps:


1. Disconnect from the air supply and relieve pressure. Remove any paint cup or reservoir.


2. Unscrew the air cap and inspect it for clogs. Use a toothpick to clear any blocked holes. Clean thoroughly with solvent.


3. Remove the fluid tip/nozzle with a wrench. Inspect for damage or debris blocking the hole. Soak in solvent to remove dried paint.


4. Check all gaskets and seals around the nozzle. Replace any that are worn or missing.


5. Reassemble components. Tighten the fluid tip and air cap securely but not excessively.


6. Connect air and add paint. Test spray on cardboard to check if drips have stopped.


Maintaining Your Spray Gun


With routine use, spray guns require frequent cleaning to prevent buildup of dried paint around the nozzle, air cap, and fluid needle. This keeps air and fluid passages flowing freely without obstructions.


Investing in a quality spray gun will provide more reliable performance and longer working life. RONGPENG R830 LVLP spray gun has advanced integrated design to ensure long-term use.



The R830 requires less air allowing you to use a smaller air compressor.The LVLP feature allow for more control with less overspray and waste. The Stainless Steel Fluid Needles and Nozzles are corrosion resistant. Painters can adjust the inlet pressure and the painting distance according to the paint used,get the perfect results in any situation. The ergonomic design paint spray gun ensures comfortable working.


Can be used for variety of different applications such as automobile painting and refinish painting, carpentry, decorative painting, yacht and boat building.suitable for water-based paint spraying. 


Adapter Thread Size: Internal Thread M16x1.5

Feed Type:Gravity

Standard Nozzle:1.5mm

Optional Nozzle:1.3/1.7/2.0mm

Recommended Spraying Distance: 200mm

Recommended Air pressure:2.0-3.5bar(29-50psi)

Pattern Width:200-320mm

Air Inlet:1/4inch

Paint Capacity:600cc

Max.Temperature of the spray medium:50℃

Air consumption:3.0-3.9cfm  85.3-110.8L/min


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