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best choose air carton stapler of rongpeng MTA18


The air carton stapler Rongpeng MTA18 pneumatic carton closing stapler is used to apply sealing staples along the top of the packaging, clinching the two sides together to keep them from open, cardboard air stapler Rongpeng MTA18 carton and packaging staple guns securely close a box, corrugated container, carton, or any commercial packaging for shipping


Light Weight and Strong Aluminum Housing

Ergonomic Handles, non-slip rubber grip

Depth of Clinch and Penetration Adjustable

Fasteners Length Adjustable

Big Load Air Container makes the tools more powerful

Spacious Magazine holds up to 100 nails

Low Noise

Model: MTA18

Dimension: 346x227x145mm

Weight: 2.7kg

Operating Pressure: 70-100 psi (5-7bar)

Max. Pressure: 120 psi (8.3bar)

Load Capacity100pcs

Fastener specifications:

Crown: 34.8mm (1-3/8”)

Length15 & 18 mm5/8 & 3/4”

Shank Diameter2.3 x 0.9 mm.090 x .037”