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Airless Spray Gun Filter FAQs: Your Top Concerns


If you use an airless spray gun for painting, maintenance, or other applications, you know how important it is to have clean filters. For keeping your airless spray gun filters running optimally, this handy guide has the answers.


What is the purpose of airless spray gun filters?


Airless spray guns have intake filters that serve a crucial purpose - they filter out debris and particles from the paint or coating material before it reaches the spray tip. This prevents clogs, drips, uneven spray patterns, and tip wear. The filters capture contaminants like bits of dried paint, debris, dirt, and other contaminants that could clog the spray tip or internal components. The filters protect the pump and spray tip while also mean a smooth, professional paint job.


Where are the filters located on my airless spray gun?


There are two common types of filters used: suction filters and gun filters. Suction filters are located at the paint pick up in the supply bucket to filter contaminants before the paint enters the pump. Gun filters are located directly on the spray gun to protect the gun components and spray tip.


What are airless spray gun filters made of?


Most airless spray gun filters are made from stainless steel mesh or synthetic mesh materials. Stainless steel provides excellent filtration and durability while synthetic mesh is a lower cost option. The mesh count, or number of holes per square inch, determines the filtration level. Higher mesh counts trap smaller particles but need replaced more often.


How often should I replace my airless spray gun filters?


RONGPENG recommend cleaning the filter after every use and replace it when spraying a new paint color. For heavy use, replace the filter every 5 gallons of paint or so. That's because the filters quickly become saturated with paint solids, worn down fibers, and debris. If you try to reuse clogged filters, you'll likely experience issues with poor spray performance. Fresh, clean filters are essential for optimal results. Some professionals working on big jobs will swap the filters 2-3 times per day. 


How do I remove the old filters?


Refer to your airless spray gun's manual for model-specific instructions. In most cases, you'll need to unscrew a housing or retaining ring to access the filters. Avoid losing any small parts during disassembly. Some intake filters can be difficult to reach, so you may need a wrench or pliers to remove and install them. Take note of the order and orientation of the parts as you take them apart.


What's the best way to clean airless gun filters? 


1. Remove the filter carefully to avoid damaging the mesh.

2. Use a soft brush and solvent to scrub away dried paint or debris. Avoid using hard tools that could cause dents.

3. Rinse and dry thoroughly before reinstalling. Insert a new filter gasket if required.

4. Test spray pattern on cardboard before starting a job.


What problems can dirty filters cause?


Dirty or clogged filters are the most common cause of airless spray gun problems.

Reduced spray flow. If you notice the paint coming out in a weaker stream, the filter is likely clogged.

Spitting or splattering. If the gun starts splattering paint, debris has probably gotten through to the spray tip.

Visible paint buildup. Check the filter and replace it if has a thick layer of dried paint restricting flow.

Inconsistent spray pattern. Clogging in certain areas.

Poor atomization of paint.

Surging or pulsating flow.


Cheap off-brand or damageable filters allow more debris into the spray tip, marring your results. Stick with high-quality RONGPENG aftermarket filters. The RONGPENG R8645-1 filter prevents these problems.


RONGPENG have durable, precision-woven stainless steel mesh that traps particles better. Optimize paint flow and output. Universal fit connects to most spray gun.


Size:50,100,150 mesh available



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