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Why Should Techs Use A Reduced Pressure Spray Gun?


One vital tool that every tech should have is a reduced pressure spray gun. If you're a technician that regularly sprays paints, coatings or other materials, you likely know that having the right spray gun is critical for efficiency and quality results.


What Is A Reduced Pressure Spray Gun?


A reduced pressure spray gun is a specialized type of HVLP spray gun. Like all HVLP guns, it operates by using a high volume of air delivered at a low pressure. This contrasts with conventional high pressure spray guns that use a lower air volume delivered at a much higher pressure.


Reduced pressure spray guns take the HVLP concept even further by optimizing the airflow path to minimize air pressure from the air cap through to the tip. This allows them to operate at lower air pressure levels than standard HVLP guns, while still maintaining a high air volume. Common working air pressures for reduced pressure spray guns typically around 10 psi or less.



Benefits Of Reduced Pressure Spray Guns


There are several key reasons why reduced pressure spray guns can be advantageous for professional users.


Better Atomization at Lower Pressures


This lower pressure allows for superior atomization of the paint particles, resulting in a finer mist and more uniform pattern. The lower pressure gives the user more control over the spray fan, allowing for precise application and less overspray. Techs can dial in the exact spray pattern needed for the job at hand.


Lower Overspray


Overspray occurs when atomized paint particles miss the workpiece and float away into the surrounding area. This overspray is essentially wasted paint that drives up material costs. Reduced pressure spray guns drastically cut down on overspray by better focusing the spray pattern where it needs to go. Less paint is lost to the air, meaning you use less material per job and save on costs. For shop owners, reducing waste is vital for keeping profits up.


Superior Transfer Efficiency


Transfer efficiency measures how much of the coating material exiting the spray gun actually ends up on the workpiece. Reduced pressure guns provide transfer efficiency levels of around 65%, much higher than the 30-50% achieved by high pressure spray guns.


Fine Finish Quality


The most important reason for techs to use reduced pressure spray guns is the incredible finish quality they deliver. The fine atomization and superb control allows for applying exactly the material needed, in precisely the right area, with no dry spray. This eliminates dust nibs, orange peel, blotchiness and other common finish flaws. They are especially useful for modern water-based and single stage paints.


Lower Fatigue for Users


The conventional spray guns leads to increased fatigue and noise for users, especially over long work days. Having to hold down a spray gun with 30+ psi flowing through it can wear out hands and arms quick. With a reduced pressure gun, the lower air flow significantly reduces that fatigue and noise factor. Techs can work comfortably for longer periods without their tiring as quickly.


When To Use a Reduced Pressure Spray Gun?


They're ideal for detail work, fine finishing, and applying sensitive coatings where low overspray and maximum transfer efficiency are desired. The guns are commonly used across many industries including automotive, woodworking, aerospace, construction, manufacturing and food processing.


Choosing the Best Reduced Pressure Spray Gun


For techs pursuing high quality, reduced pressure is the clear choice. Investing in a quality RONGPENG R807 reduced pressure spray gun will provide excellent atomization and transfer efficiency. It’s allowing you to get professional quality results on every job.

 Unique flow path design improves delivery efficiency. The atomization is more stable. Modern style with 2 appearance patents and 1 utility model patent. This innovative spray gun atomizes coatings into ultra-fine particles at lower air pressures. This means you get transfer efficiency is higher than 65%. 


320mm wide spray width and high transfer efficiency, quicker and less paint to finish your painting work. Less than 0.16mm atomized particles, whether use for varnish or topcoat, it can achieve a mirror-like spray effect.


Provides quality finish for variety of different applications such as automotive top coat, varnish, vehicle, furniture, etc. Great for professional painters, contractors, maintainer and DIYers.



Type of Feed: Gravity

Standard Nozzle:1.3mm

Recommended air pressure: 2.0bar(29psi)

Recommended spraying distance: 200mm

Pattern Width:Width:50-70mm,length:260-320mm

Paint Capacity:600cc

Air Inlet:1/4''

Max.temperature of the spray medium:50℃

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