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Why Do Carpenters Need A Pneumatic Wide Crown Stapler?


Pneumatic wide crown staplers are widely used across a variety of industries, each with its own unique set of demands and requirements.


Wide crown staplers, as the name suggests, utilize staples with a crown broader (the flat horizontal top portion of the staple) .


The "wide crown" part of the name refers to the unique shape of the staples used in these tools. Unlike traditional narrow crown staples, wide crown staples feature a broader, flatter crown that provides a larger surface area for better holding power and resistance to pull-through. This design makes wide crown staplers ideal for applications where superior holding strength and resistance to vibration or movement are crucial.


The pneumatic system works by using a piston that is driven by compressed air, which in turn drives the staple through the nose of the tool and into the target material. The force generated by this system is far greater than what can be achieved manually, making pneumatic wide crown staplers the go-to choice for stapling tasks that require superior holding power.


This pneumatic system is what sets these tools apart from their manual or electric counterparts, allowing them to deliver consistent, high-impact staple placements with minimal effort from the operator.


Construction and Carpentry

In the construction and carpentry sectors, wide crown staples excel at securing materials like house wraps, roofing felts, and insulation to framing members. The increased holding power of the wide crown staples ensures a secure and long-lasting bond, even in demanding outdoor conditions . Additionally, these staplers are invaluable for tasks such as securing subflooring, sheathing, and base boards, making them an essential tool for any professional contractor or DIY enthusiast.


Upholstery and Furniture Making

The upholstery and furniture-making industries have long recognized the benefits of wide crown staplers. These tools are crucial for attaching fabrics, padding, and other upholstery materials to wood frames or substrates. The broader surface area of the staple crowns distributes the clamping force evenly , preventing fabric tearing or dimpling, which can compromise the aesthetic appeal of the finished product.


Packaging and Crating

In the world of packaging and crating, the pneumatic wide crown stapler shines as a reliable companion. Whether securing cardboard boxes, crating materials, or assembling pallets, the increased holding power of these staples ensures that packages remain intact throughout the shipping and handling processes.


When it comes to precision, pneumatic wide crown staplers excel. The pneumatic system ensures consistent, reliable staple placement with each trigger pull, allowing operators to work with confidence and accuracy. Many models also feature tool-free depth adjustment, making it easy to tailor the staple depth to the specific application and materials being used.


Those thin, wiry upholstery brads or narrow crown varieties from the hardware store simply won't cut it. Wide crowns require thick-gauge staples with that distinctively broad flat crown to supply maximum surface contact and holding power. Skimping with sub-par staples is just asking for issues like staples bending under the impact, crowns failing to seat fully, chronic misfires and jams.


A quality wide crown stapler is one of the handiest tools on any jobsite. Securing lath and a wide variety of materials is faster and easier with the RONGPENG R8016 Ga21 Wide Crown stapler. 


Light weight and strong aluminum housing. Aluminum alloy magazine with 125PCS large capacity. Heat- treated cylinder cover with hammer function. High quality piston with increased life up to 1000000 cycles. Non-slip rubber grip and plastic trigger for comfort and better control.


Ideal for lathing, sheathing, insulation installation, cabinetry, upholstery, furniture and frame construction, industrial packaging, joinery, measurement and assembly construction. This professional-grade tool is engineered to deliver elite performance and durability to boost productivity for house-owner, carpenters, contractors and more. 




Required pressure:72-87PSI(5.5-7.5bar)


Nail Capacity:125pcs

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