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What to look for in air powered saws?


Air powered saws have become very popular in today’s society. What to look for in air powered saws?Air powered saws require being very effective. You have to be keen on features such as speed, safety, strength, quality, reliability, and performance. This factors will determine that you get value for your money. There are some overpriced air powered saws that promise to give the best but only disappoint you


How They Work

Like any other air-powered tool, the reciprocating saw needs an air compressor and an appropriately-sized hose to work. The compressor serves as the main power source for this tool by transforming air pressure into mechanical energy that can be used to complete its function. The energy is moved by the compressor's pump along the hose to the tool. The saw uses this energy to create the back-and-forth motion necessary for sawing through things without the use of manual labor. There are, of course, electrically-powered reciprocating saws, but because the air-powered versions don't require all of the wiring and electrical work they're much lighter and more practical for use on a wide range of different projects in the garage or around the house. Air-powered tools also produce far less heat than electrically-powered options, making them more suitable for extended use on time-consuming jobs.



A compact tool reduces fatigue and is handy for tight places. Of course, size isnt all that this tool has going for it. It also features a stroke rate of 5000 per minute (a very impressive number given the size of the unit) and the ability to cut through a variety of metals and fiber glasses, make it ideal for body work on a car.