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What is a impact wrench, its uses and types?


What is an impact wrench, its uses and types?

One of the most powerful hand-held power tools is the impact wrench or impact gun. Auto mechanics typically use this tool to loosen and tighten tire lug nuts. The output shaft of the impact wrench is square. They come in a variety of sizes, the most popular being the 1/2" square

The use of impact wrench

Impact wrenches are mainly used in the automotive industry. Removing lug nuts is the most common application we encounter when changing car tires. is a power tool every auto body shop and body company should have. Other applications for impact wrenches include various fields and applications such as automotive assembly, heavy equipment assembly and repair, machine tool production, and major construction projects.

Types of impact wrenches

After you've had a chance to use influence tools, you'll see why they're so universally recognized. Now the question is, which impact wrench should I choose?

Air impact wrenches and electric impact wrenches are the two main types of impact wrenches, depending on the type of power used to generate torque. Pneumatic impact wrenches are also known as pneumatic impact wrenches, and there are two types of electric impact wrenches: corded impact wrenches and cordless impact wrenches. These tools are easy to use. Today, we'll go over the three types of impact wrenches one by one and learn more about them:

Air Impact Wrench or Air Impact Wrench

Compressed air is used to power these air tools. Pneumatic impact wrenches require an air compressor to provide compressed air as the power source for the tool. These tools are commonly used in pro shops. They are available in 1/4-inches(0.25"), 3/8-inches(0.375"), 1/2-inches(0.50"), 3/4-inches(0.75") and 1" drive sizes. Drive size basically describes the amount of torque a tool can provide: a 1-inch drive size can produce 3000 ft/lbs of torque. In general, the larger the drive size of an impact wrench, the more torque it can produce.

The names of commonly used pneumatic impact wrenches are:

1. 1/2" Jumbo Hammer impact wrench

2. 3/8" impact wrench

3. 1/2" Twin Hammer Impact Wrench

4. 3/4" Heavy Duty Impact Wrench

5. 1/2" Mini Impact Wrench

6. 3/4" Pneumatic Impact Wrench

7.1" Truck Impact Wrench

• Cordless Impact Wrench:

Cordless power tools, including impact drivers, are becoming more common. The portability of cordless electric wrenches is their main advantage. These tools do not require an external power source, so they can be used almost anywhere without any problems. They offer convenience and flexibility, especially for road repairs where electricity is not available.

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Nickel Cadmium (NiCad), and Lithium Ion (Li-lon) are the three most common types of rechargeable batteries in use today. Depending on the model, the battery has a voltage range of 18 to 28 volts and is usually rechargeable. In fact, they are the most widely available. They are available in a variety of models, drive sizes and price points.

• Corded impact wrench

Corded electric impact wrenches are powered by plugging them into an electrical outlet and turning the switch on. All you need is a power outlet and extension cord to get started. Direct power supplies power these devices. Corded electric wrenches have become fairly rare as manufacturers are moving to cordless wrenches. The hammer unit is driven by an electric motor to the rear end of the tool, which transmits the motion to the output shaft

An electric impact wrench can be one of the must-haves in your shop, allowing you to accomplish tough tasks in no time. Cord power tools do not have the same torque as air tools. It's ok.

To summarize:

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Pneumatic impact wrenches can be used in any situation without power. When a corded impact wrench is plugged in, it can use power continuously. Plus, cordless impact wrenches can be used in any environment. In the end, choosing the right impact wrench will come down to what you want to do.