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What is a HVLP spray gun


What is a HVLP spray gun?

HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure. These guns use a lot of air to spray paint, most of it onto the surface to be painted, reducing paint loss by up to 75%, saving paint and reducing emissions.

Also, since less paint is dispersed in the air (rebound effect is reduced), the system can be said to be more energy efficient or environmentally friendly.

Some models of HVLP spray guns also bring in hot air, which helps dry the paint on the surface and disperses the formed paint cloud more quickly.

However, they are ideal for specific jobs or details, as paint clouds that form by reducing overspray prevent large surfaces from being covered in a short period of time.

Rongpeng R802 Hvlp spray gun gravity feed type,standard 1.3mm nozzle is made of high quality materials with advanced technology. It uses compressed air to atomize the paint into fine paint droplets, and sprays it onto the surface of the object under the driving of air flow. Its efficiency is 5-10 times higher than ordinary brush coating, and the coating film is fine, smooth and uniform. In addition, the nozzle is manufactured in a flat shape, thus it is easy to replace, and it can effectively prevent the tip of the gun from falling off and abrasion. The Automotive HVLP Spray Gun also adopts pulse pressure rotation function, which enlarges the blower mouth and greatly increases the working range and power. It is very popular with our customers all over the world due to excellent performance. 

Model No.: R802

Type of Feed: Gravity

Standard Nozzle: φ1.3mm

Pattern Width: 180-260mm

Paint Capacity: 500cc

Air Consumption: 4.1-4.5cfm

Required Pressure: 2.0-3.5bar

What is a hvlp spray gun