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What about Rongpeng LVLP spray gun


Rongpeng LVLP Spray gun was developed in 2006 after more than ten years of sales and customer feedback. The quality of this product is very stable. This spray gun has a comprehensive nozzle model, from 1.3-2.5mm, whether it is a novice sprayer. Sprayers who are still very experienced can use this LVLP spray gun Rongpeng R500 to complete the perfect spraying job, and have obtained good feedback from customers all over the world. We can also carry out package sales, the perfect combination of LVLP and touch up mini LVLP, LVLP Spray Gun Kit, which provides plenty of other accessories. This gravity-fed kit contains two cups, two paint guns, different sized nozzles, service tools, attachments, and a regulator.

This spray gun kit is best for a range of various applications. Such tools are ideal for full-body spray painting and spraying a single frame or touch-ups in the automobile field.

The guns available in this kit are made up of aluminum, which can fit perfectly into one's hand while ensuring accurate results. The mini-gun from Rongpeng R100 comes with a 120 cc of a plastic cup, while the bigger one comes with a 20 oz./600cc plastic cup.

The working pressure begins from 28 to 45 PSI, and the average pressure goes up to 60 PSI.

Perfect atomization

Amazing effect

LVLP spray gunRongpeng LVLP spray gun