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What Is The Most Suitable Machine For Latex Paint


The emergence of latex paint spraying machines has gradually replaced manual scraping, because the quality of the paint film sprayed by the spraying machine is better than that of manually brushed latex paint, and the coating is smooth, delicate, and without brush marks. This is because the spraying machine pressurizes and sprays the coating into small particles, which are evenly distributed on the surface of the wall


The emergence of latex paint spraying machines mainly highlights the speed of construction, the amount of latex paint used, the process requirements of construction, and the time saved compared to manual brushing.

Overall, the advantages of latex paint spraying machines outweigh manual brushing.

The RONGPENG 512 gasoline-powered hydraulic airless sprayer adopts the original Honda engine, a 14L large fuel tank, and is equipped with an imported oil pump, resulting in higher performance stability. In terms of construction efficiency, a regular spraying machine can generally spray 2-3 thousand square meters per day. If a RONGPENG 512 gasoline-powered hydraulic airless sprayer is used, it can spray 6000 to 8000 square meters per day. In this way, the spraying amount of a machine in a day is equivalent to the workload of five masters in a day.

So we prioritize choosing emulsion paint spraying machines in our homework. They not only save water and materials, but also reduce costs. They have high-performance effects such as fast speed, high efficiency, and low labor intensity, and have become popular interior and exterior wall decoration materials.



The combination of super anti-wear plunger rod and super anti-wear valve ball can delay the life of the machine and reduce the failure rate.

Equipped with imported oil pump and high-tech hydraulic technology to ensure more stable performance.

Honda engines provide large flow, high efficiency and more stable performance.

1.14L large fuel tank.

Enlarge the oil filter to filter more thoroughly.

Enlarging the filter seat makes the working pressure more stable.

New reversing structure, never stuck.

The integrated plunger pump is convenient for maintenance.


Standard Nozzle size:0.043"

Max Nozzle size:0.057"

Max pressure :3300PS|(227bar)

Motor size :9HP(6500W)

Flow rate :12L/Min

Length Of High Pressure Hose :15m


Key Application:
Internal and external wall putty powder, black cement+glue, white cement + glue, paint, latex paint, fireproof coating, dilutable volatile paint, floor paint, JS waterproof coating, polyurethane waterproof coating, ultra-thin waterproof coating.

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