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Using Latex Paint Sprayer For DIY Home Projects


Are you gearing up to tackle some painting projects around the house? With the right sprayer and technique, you can transform dull walls into fresh painted surfaces in a fraction of the time. 


Choosing the Right Latex Paint Sprayer


Not all paint sprayers are created equal, so it's important to select one suited for the specific project at hand. Latex paint sprayers are ideal for DIY home use since latex paint is water-based, low in VOCs, and easy to clean up. For most interior painting tasks involving latex (water-based) paints, an airless sprayers is the ideal choice.


Airless Sprayers pump paint at an extremely high pressure through a tiny hole, resulting in an ultra-fine fan-shaped spray pattern. They work exceptionally well with denser latex paints and can help you cover large areas quickly.


HVLP Sprayers utilize a lower pressure system along with air channels to deliver a softer spray. While they excel at smaller projects and detail work, they may not atomize thicker latex paints as effectively.


Troubleshooting Tips

Of course, no paint job ever goes 100% smoothly. Some common issues you may encounter with latex sprayers and how to troubleshoot them.


Streaky or Clogged Finish

This uneven coverage can be caused by an obstructed or worn sprayer nozzle, or not properly overlapping your spray passes. First, check the nozzle, filters, and fluid pickup tube for dried paint or other debris. Clean or replace as needed.


If that's not the issue, you may need to adjust your spraying technique, keeping the gun at the proper distance, perfectly parallel to the work surface, and using that smooth parallel stroke pattern with adequate overlap.  


Thin or Splotchy Coverage

Insufficient paint output due to low pressure, incorrect fluid nozzle size, or using paint that's too thick can result in thin, uneven coverage. Check your sprayer's pressure and material flow rate against the recommended settings for the paint product you're using.

It's common to need to thin latex paint slightly, especially for spraying. Just don't over-thin or it may run and sag after application.


Dry Spray or Orange Peel Texture

This bumpy, pitted texture can happen when spraying latex paint that's too thick or if it starts drying before hitting the surface. Increase the material flow rate through the sprayer. You may also need to thin the paint per the product instructions.


Check that you're spraying at the proper gun distance from the surface. If you're holding the gun too far away, the atomized paint particles can start drying and clumping together before reaching the work area.


Static Electricity Issues

Spraying creates an electrostatic charge that can cause problems like paint particles repelling each other or being attracted to the gun instead of the surface. Ensure you're following the sprayer guidance for properly grounding both the sprayer and the work surface.


Adding an inexpensive synthetic resin can also help dissipate static buildup in latex paint. You'll know you have an electrostatic issue if your spray pattern starts exhibiting crazy tails or tendrils instead of an even fan shape.


The RONGPENG R8623 Airless Paint Sprayer delivers the power and portability needed for home painting projects.


Piston pump and single phase motor design. Includes all metal airless spray gun W/517 nozzle spray tip and guard. Supports up to a .017 spray tip and 3000PSI max pressure.


Light weight, high productive sprayer for DIY and Tradesman professional use. Handles a wide range of exterior or interior jobs such as houses, rental properties and small commercial buildings.


Model No.: R8623/R8623N

Voltage/frequency: 120V/60hz(R8623) 220V/50hz(R8623N)

Motor power: 5/8/HP(500w)

Max pressure: 3000psi(20.7MPA)

Standard Nozzle size: 517

Spraying width: 250-310mm

Length of hose: 7.6m

Flow rate: 1.44LPM

Max pressure for the hose: 83MPA

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