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Use Professional Paint Sprayer For Commercial


Painting large commercial spaces like warehouses, factories, and office buildings requires heavy-duty equipment that can handle large volumes of paint efficiently.  Consumer-grade paint sprayers are often not durable enough for heavy commercial use. Professional paint sprayers are a must for commercial users looking to save time and labor costs on big jobs.


Benefits of Commercial Paint Sprayers


Increased Productivity: Commercial paint sprayers can be up to 3x faster than traditional brush and roller application. Their high pressure delivery allows painters to quickly coat large areas, resulting in higher daily productivity. This time savings really adds up for massive commercial painting projects.  


Better Coverage: Professional sprayers distribute paint evenly and reach areas that are difficult to access with brushes. They provide consistent, smooth coverage on walls, ceilings, doors, railings - you name it. The high pressure atomizes the paint into a fine mist that lays down a uniform coat.


Less Overspray: Commercial sprayers are highly adjustable when it comes to fan speed, flow rate, and spray patterns. This allows painters to dial in the settings to minimize overspray and waste. Newer models feature advanced technology that greatly improves paint atomization for less overspray.


Easy Maintenance: Professional paint sprayers are designed for high volume, frequent use. They have durable parts that can be easily cleaned and maintained for long equipment life. Many have tip, hose and filter systems that can be quickly serviced to keep the sprayer in top working condition.


How to Use a Professional Paint Sprayer


Priming and Paint Selection


Begin by applying a high-quality primer to the entire surface. The primer will provide a uniform base for the paint to adhere to. For best results, use a primer made by the same manufacturer as the paint. When selecting paint for commercial spraying, look for industrial-grade acrylic or epoxy paints designed to withstand heavy use and scrubbing. Avoid cheap paints which can clog sprayer hoses, purchase paint in the same sheen; mixing sheens results in blotchy, uneven coverage.


Setting up the Sprayer


Prepare the paint sprayer according to the manufacturer's instructions. Carefully attach the hose, prime the pump, and clean out any residues from previous jobs. Select a spray tip sized for the type of coating you're applying; smaller tips work best for thinner paints. Adjust the pressure high enough to fully atomize the paint. Thin the paint slightly with water or solvent if it's too thick. Pour paint into the supply bucket, insert the suction tube, and run water through the system to check for leaks before filling with paint.


Applying the Paint


When spraying, hold the gun perpendicular to the surface at a consistent distance - usually 8 to 14 inches. Apply a light tack coat first, then build up to a full wet coat. Overlap edges slightly while maintaining smooth strokes. Avoid letting paint build up too thick in one area. If drips or runs occur, use a brush to smooth them out quickly. Always maintain a wet edge when spraying large sections. For cutting in edges and tight areas, use a smaller spray pattern or angle the gun accordingly. Maintain constant pressure and speed as you spray. Work methodically section by section until the entire surface is coated.

With the right spray equipment, you can take on bigger jobs and grow your business. The RONGPENG R750 Top Commercial Airless Paint Sprayer is designed for high volume, frequent use. This ultra-high pressure sprayer can blast out up to 6L per minute while operating up to 3300 PSI, allowing it to spray high viscosity coatings with ease.


Low MoCr2 independent steel bushing, super wear-resistant, easy to clean. Low per minute 2000 unique inductive intelligent recognition nozzle technology, built for professional remodeling and repainting contractors looking to increase the number of larger jobs.

Used for wall emulsion paint,coating,colorants,steel structure anti-corrosion paint,epoxy paint,enamel paint on the metal surface. 


Motor size:5HP(3800W)

Max pressure:3300PSI(227bar)

Standard Nozzle size:625(0.025")

Flow rate:6L/min

Max.Pressure for the hose:83Mpa

Length of High Pressure Hose:30m

Max spray tip:731(0.031")


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