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The Tip To Choose Palm Nailer


The Tip To Choose Palm Nailer 

A palm nailer is a small-sized air-powered tool powered through a compressor, used for framing and siding jobs. It's designed to drive nails in cramped and tight spaces, where larger framing nailers don't have access. When choosing a palm nailer, you should consider the following factors: 

1. Power source: you can choose between electric, pneumatic, or cordless palm nailers. 

2. Size: make sure the tool is comfortable to hold in your hand, and it’s not too cumbersome to maneuver. 

3. Nail capacity: check the nail capacity to ensure it meets your specific needs. 

4. Nail size: palm nailers usually accommodate nails ranging from 1” to 6” long. 

RONGPENG MSN120 Main featues: 

The use of hemicycle bolt can protect user's hand from damaging 

Adjustable depth control for quick countersinking adjustment 

Adjustable screw bit can be exchanged into different style 

Light weight palm nailer reduce fatigue Drive bulk nails from 5b to 70b 

Magnetic nail guide for faster and easier driving


Required pressure:70-100PSI(5-7bar)
Nail Capacity:1pc

Air Consumption 2-4cfm,56.4-112.8l/min,under 70-90psi.

Recommended Lubricant:White Mineral oil 10#


Nail Length:120mm(4-3/4")