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The Gasoline-Powered Hydraulic Airless Sprayer Introduction


Gasoline-Powered Hydraulic Airless Sprayer RONGPENG 512,Built with a durable Honda (9.0 hp) engine,long life and high power,Used for interior and exterior wall painting. Suitable for Putty,black/white cement with glue,Oil paint,latex paint, fire retardant paint,Diluent volatile paint,floor paint, JS waterproof paint,polyurethane waterproof paint, polyurea waterproof paint,ultra-thinned waterproof paint.The best choice for high-production contractors.

The combination of super anti-wear plunger rod and super anti-wear valve ball can delay the life of the machine and reduce the failure rate.

Equipped with imported oil pump and high-tech hydraulic technology to ensure more stable performance.

Honda engines provide large flow, high efficiency and more stable performance.

1.14L large fuel tank.

Enlarge the oil filter to filter more thoroughly.

Enlarging the filter seat makes the working pressure more stable.

New reversing structure, never stuck.

The integrated plunger pump is convenient for maintenance.


Standard Nozzle size:0.043"

Max Nozzle size:0.057"

Max pressure:3300PS|(227bar)

Motor size:9HP(6500W)

Flow rate:12L/Min

Length Of High Pressure Hose:15m