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The Application of an HVLP Spray Gun


1. Automotive

Go into an auto refinishing shop and you’ll see an HVLP spray gun. They’ve replaced other types in recent years and become the tool of choice for anyone painting cars. They can handle primer, paint, and clear coats very easily, with the added advantage of not needing to buff the clear coat. Although professionals use the HVLP spray gun, you can buy units to use at home. When matched with the proper air compressor and adjusted correctly, you’ll find that it will speed up the job and save you money, as it’s more economical on materials. There is a small learning curve involved with using an HVLP spray gun, but it’s easily overcome. The experience is much smoother than with other spray guns.



2. Marine

Good spraying is important in marine finishing too. Here it’s most likely a varnish that’s going to be sprayed into wood, or paint onto metal, and the HVLP spray gun can handle both very easily by adjusting the nozzle. It’s important to achieve good coverage, and the transfer efficiency of this gun ensures that. By having the spray gun close to the surface, usually around 4 inches away, you cut down on the overspray, as the paint is released at a low pressure.

The reduction in overspray is important. Not only does it result in you using less paint, but it pleases health officials, as it reduces the chemicals in the air. You still need to use a respirator mask, but the air quality is far superior to other spray guns.


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3. Architectural Coating

It’s not only transportation that benefits from the use of the HVLP spray gun. It’s used for applying different types of architectural coatings. With the correct nozzle it can even apply drywall mud in thin coatings. It’s good for both indoor and outdoor work. The fact that there’s little overspray is perfect for outdoor situations, where overspray can become a costly extra item in the budget. Using an HVLP spray quickly pays for itself. Its versatility means it can be used in many different situations, from domestic to commercial.


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4. Furniture Finishing

One area that benefits from exacting spray work is furniture finishing, and the low pressure with an HVLP spray gun allows the gun to be held closer to the surface. This makes it ideal for the work, whether it’s putting on varnish or coats of lacquer. The spraying can be more exact and give better coverage than other forms of application, and goes on far more quickly, cutting finishing time.