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Some Tips For Using Air Sander


Here's a guide on the proper usage of an air sander:

Preparation: Before starting, make sure to wear appropriate protective gear such as gloves and goggles. Clean the surface to be polished and ensure that it is free of any debris or contaminants.

Selection of tool and material: Choose the right type of polishing tool and abrasive material according to the type of surface and the desired outcome.

Setting the speed: Adjust the speed of the polishing machine according to the type of tool and material being used. If the speed is too high, it can damage the surface, and if it's too low, it may not effectively remove imperfections.

Applying pressure: Apply light pressure to the polishing tool, avoiding excessive force which can lead to scratches or other damage.

Moving the tool: Move the polishing tool in a circular motion, covering the entire surface to be polished. Pay special attention to areas with heavy scratches or other imperfections, but avoid staying in one place for too long as it can cause uneven results.

Monitoring progress: Continuously monitor the progress of the polishing process to ensure that you achieve the desired outcome. If necessary, adjust the speed, pressure or material being used.

Cleaning up: After completing the polishing process, turn off the machine and clean both the surface and the tool to remove any residue.

By following these steps, you can effectively use a polishing machine to achieve the desired result. Remember to always exercise caution and follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe and efficient operation.

RONGPENG 5" Air Sander Dual Action Pneumatic Polisher RP7335


• New version,high strength.

• Wear resistant,long service life.

• Rear exhaust.Built-in regulator for speed control.

• Light air-motor assembly,ideal for vertical and overhead sanding applications.


Sanding Pad5" 
Free Speed RPM12000
Air Inlet1/4"
Air Hose3/8"
Avg.Air Consumption4.5cfm/128l/min
Net Weight1.65lbs/0.75kgs
Sug Air Comp.2