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Rongpeng air pressure impact wrench 1000ft/lb


Rongpeng air pressure impact wrench 1000ft/lb

The Rongpeng 1/2" Air Pressure Impact Wrench R901 is an amazing heavy duty twin air pressure impact wrenchhammer air impact wrench,Unique Rongpeng appearance offers much more power, makes bolt tightening and loosing bolt easier; lighter weight, reduce the working fatigue; easier power changing, more pleasurable using experience; solid outline desgin, more attractive.heavy duty air impact wrench.


      In order to meet the needs of users for more powerful impact wrench, our engineers were dedicated to find the new solutions, lot’s samples from the market have been tested and looked in to, and finally we are able to bring out R901.It can not only meet the customer’s demand for more torque, but also meet the requirements of durability and lightweight.


     Rongpeng Air pressure Impact wrench R901,only 2.0kg in weight, but offers 1000ft/lb tightening torque and 1185ft/lb loosing torque, great power weight ratio.

Model No: R901 

Free Speed7000RPM 

Air Hose Required:3/8”ID (9.52mm)

Max Working Torque1000Ft-lb(1350N.m)

Capacity Bolt Size5/8"(16mm) 

Avg. Air Consumption7cfm(198 l/min)

 Weight:2.0 kg

 SCFM Requirement:4.5@90PSI

 Air inlet:1/4”(6.4mm)