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Rongpeng Touch up paint spray gun for you choose


Rongpeng Touch up paint spray gun air brush best choose for your small area painting?

As you move around your vehicle the surfaces that require paint are never the same for long and at times become more confined or difficult to reach, as on some front end sections.

touch up mini spray gunrongpeng spray gun R805

Rongpeng touch up spray gun R805 mini paint spray gun with 1.0mm and 0.8mm Nozzle Best For your small painting area,the Atomization is smooth and delicate!

This Rongpeng Brand Touch Up Mini Spray Gun Mini HVLP with Gravity Feed best used for Auto Car Repair

Product information:

Includes adjustable fluid, pattern and air controls.

Designed to provide equal atomization and particle size for all kinds of surface painting.

Stainless steel needle and nozzle accommodate a variety of coatings.

Precise air cap set.

Lightweight, ergonomic design and easy trigger pivot reduce operating fatigue.

Plastic cup:125cc

Technical Details:

ModelType of FeedStandard NozzleOptional NozzleOperating PressurePattern WidthAir Consumption

In these instances, you must reduce the air pressure or change the fan spray to hit the smaller areas. You can make these adjustments again by practicing on your test panel.


Finally, holding racks are very useful when painting separate sections of dismantled bodywork.  These racks are designed to tilt and adjust for the part that needs to be painted.

They are commonly used in body shops but possibly too much of an investment for the average person painting their first vehicle. If you get lucky enough to find a second-hand rack still in great condition, it could turn out to be a very useful tool to add to your collection