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RONGPENG Loyal Customer Feedback


A repeat customer at the RONGPENG Aliexpress retail store bought several RONGPENG R500 spray guns for her brother.She told us that RONGPENG's spray gun is very good,the quality is very high,and the after-sales processing is very fast,which is very helpful to his brother's work.When RONGPENG's spray gun met Tambour,a pioneer in the Israeli paint and coatings market,the job became easier and more convenient,not only for household and industrial coatings,but also for special paint coatings in aviation,railway,shipbuilding and other industries.RONGPENG R500 treasure LVLP spray gun is really good at work!

Let me introduce the RONGPENG R500 LVLP Air Spray Gun Automotive Surface Paint Gun!

The RONGPENG R500 spray gun uses stainless steel needles and nozzles to adapt to a variety of coatings.Its process adopts precision-machined air cap sets,soft ultra-fine mist,suitable for various surfaces,and the air volume,paint volume and spraying method can be adjusted.The gun is constructed with an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip.

LVLP Spray Gun use of lower volume of air finely atomizes paint creating a smooth finish with minimum overspray. This means very little overspray will be produced,saving on paint cost and environmental hazards. 

Features/ benefits:

·        S.S nozzle and needle,brass air cap;

·        Corrosion resistant PE cup; 

·        Gun body can bear quadrupling working pressure; 

·        Paint utilization rate can reach 65%;

·        Trigger with 2 gears,the first for dust cleaning,second for painting;

Technical Parameters :

Type of FeedGravity
Standard Nozzle1.5mm
Optional Nozzle1.3/1.7/2.0mm
Operating Pressure2.0-3.5bar
Paint Capacity600cc
Pattern Width180-280mm
Air Consumption3.0-3.9cfm