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Quick Tips For Fixing Framing Nailer Jams


Framing nailers are essential tools for carpenters and construction workers. A jammed framing nailer can bring your project to a screeching halt, so it's important to know how to quickly fix jams and get back to work. We'll go over some of the most common causes of framing nailer jams and easy ways to fix them.

Causes of Framing Nailer Jams

There are a few typical reasons a framing nailer can become jammed:

Dirty Nail Channel. Sawdust and debris accumulating in the nail channel can cause jams. This is common when doing a lot of rapid nailing into dirty lumber.

Bent Nails. If a nail gets bent sideways in the nail channel, it can jam the mechanism. Using poor quality or incorrect nails increases the risk.

Nail Collations. Some plastic collated nails can break apart and get stuck in the channel. Moisture or age can cause the nails to separate.

Dry Firing. When you dry fire a nail gun without a nail, it can damage components and cause jams. Always keep nails loaded.

Poor maintenance. Failure to maintain your nailer regularly can also cause jams.

Check for Magazine or Follower Jams

Many framing nailer jams originate in the nail magazine or with the nail follower. Start troubleshooting here by removing the nail magazine and inspecting it. Look for bent or damaged nails that could be blocking proper nail movement and feeding. Remove any problem nails with pliers.

Also check the nail follower and make sure it moves smoothly along the magazine track. A warped or sticky follower can fail to push nails properly, leading to jams. Try lubricating the follower with a spray lubricant or white lithium grease to improve sliding. If the follower is damaged, replacement parts are readily available online and from tool retailers.

Check for Proper Nail Collation

One of the most common causes of nail jams is improper nail collation inside the nailer magazine. Collated nails are held together with either plastic or paper clips that are designed to cleanly separate as the nail enters the nose. If the nails become damaged, bent, or misaligned within the clips, separation may not occur smoothly. This can cause nail clustering and jamming within the magazine.

Start by removing the nail cartridge and inspecting it for any issues. Look for nails that are bent, damaged, or no longer aligned correctly within the clips. If you see any problems, replace the damaged nails with a strip that has the proper collation. Also inspect the magazine teeth that separate the nails - if these become worn or broken they can contribute to jams as well.

Adjust Nailing Depth

Nailing depth refers to how deep the nail is driven relative to the material being fastened. Most framing nailers allow depth adjustment through a dial or screw mechanism. If the nailer is set too deep for the intended material, nails can over-drive and crumple, jamming inside the nose.

Try a Nail Compatibility Test

Sometimes a nailer will simply not work well with certain nail brands or sizes, even if they are within the recommended specs. Do a compatibility test by emptying the magazine and trying a different nail gauge, diameter or brand. See if it will load, seat and fire repeatedly without issue. For best results, use only nails from reputable manufacturers that are designed for your specific nailer model. Avoid cheap nails that do not feed reliably.

Lubricate Regularly

Framing nailer jams can be prevented by keeping your nail gun properly lubricated. Most models require lubricating oil applied at regular service intervals to the nail slider and magazine areas. Refer to your RONGPENG owner's manual for specifics on lubrication frequency and points - this varies by nail gun model.

Use the Right Air Nailer

Using the right nailer for the job can also help prevent jams. Make sure to use a nailer that is designed for the type of nails you are using and the type of project you are working on. For framing work, the RONGPENG CHF9034RA 34° Clipped Head Framing Nailer can handle extended periods of nailing, jammed nail rate at about 0.03%.  

One piece drive pin working life is more 0.3 millions times. High strength alum alloy die casting body. Nail head and drive pin have be heat treated by Ipsen which import from Germany. Could be sequential fire and bump fire. Aircraft grade bumper, resistant to wearing. High strength plastic magazine, resistant to wearing. Tool free precise adjustable depth of drive.

Accepts 2"- 3-1/4", 34° clipped head, plastic collated strip nails. Ideal for framing, subflooring, roof decking, and wall sheathing. It's the perfect powerhouse nailer for home builders, remodelers and DIYers looking to work faster.




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