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Pressure Pot For Resin Casting


Paint pressure pot supplier for resin casting

Air Paint Pressure Pots (or also called Paint Pressure Tanks) use compressed air from a compressor. The compressed air increases the pressure within the pot which forces the coating to move, through the paint hose, in direction of the spray gun. Pressure tanks and pots are commonly available in sizes between 2-120 liter (0.5-32 gallon) and are made either from stainless steel or carbon steel (some with inner liners made from plastic or stainless steel for easy cleaning). RONGPENG air tools can supplier 1-40 liter paint pressure pot for resin casting,A common option for both, stainless and carbon steel tanks, is an air-agitator to constantly agitate the coating while spray painting. Standard with all pressure pots should be a “pressure relief” valve which automatically relieves pressure when a maximum air pressure is surpassed. Common options are multiple air regulators and multiple outlets for multiple spray guns. Another additional option are pressure pot liners which are made either from stainless steel or disposable plastic.


Inner Paint Dia:312mm

Inner Height :327mm


Paint Output:1/4inch

Max.Working Pressure:1.4-2.1bar

Paint Capacity:20L