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Precautions For Using Reversible Angle Drills


Reversible angle drill features an ergonomic composite housing that helps reduce vibration, Angle head design for use in confined areas, The handle exhaust directs air away from the operator, Comfort contour handle eliminates operator fatigue. the screw on the hand can adjust the F/R. it’s reverse when pushing the screw in, otherwise it’s forward, ideal for precise purpose drilling and honing of metal, concrete and wood.

So there are some precautions that users need to follow during use:

1. Connect the tool to the air hose .Before connecting to the air source, ensure that the air valve (or trigger) is in the "closed" position.You need an air pressure of 90psi and an air flow rate that meets the specifications. Warning! When operating tools, ensure that the air source is clean and does not exceed 90psi. Excessive air pressure and unclean air can shorten product life due to excessive wear and may cause damage or personal injury. Empty the air storage tank every day. Water in the air pipeline can damage tools.Clean the intake filter once a week.Pipeline pressure should be increased to compensate for abnormally long air hoses (exceeding 8 meters). The diameter of the hose should be 3/8 "I.D.Keep the hose away from heat sources, oil, and sharp edges. Check the hoses for wear and ensure that all connections are secure.The most important thing is if a filter/regulator/lubricator is not installed on the air system, air operated tools should be lubricated at least once a day or after 2 hours work with 2 to 6 drops of oil, depending on the work environment, directly through the male fitting in the tool housing.
2. Press the trigger to operate the tool.
3. To press the button at the handle for reverse. Otherwise it will be forward.
4. The flow of air may be controlled by trigger.
5.Ensure the air supply is clean and does not exceed 90psi while operating the tool. Too high an air pressure and unclean air will shorten the product life due to excessive wear, and may be dangerous causing damage or personal injury.
DO NOT use any additional force upon the tool.
DO NOT allow tool to free run for an extended period of time as this will shorten its life.

Model No.:RP7115

Free speed RPM:1500

Air inlet(NPT):1/4"

Air hose(ID):3/8"

Overall length:220mm

Net weight:1.3kgs

Avg air consumption:2.3cfm

Sug air comp(HP):2

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