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Power-Nailing & Stapling Vinyl Siding


Power-Nailing & Stapling Vinyl Siding

Installing vinyl siding involves a lot of nails. Therefore, the pneumatic nail gun can make the work easier. However, technology is crucial. As mentioned above, since the vinyl siding must be loosely fixed in place, a special adapter is required for power staples or staple boards, which can be mounted on a power nailer or stapler and allows Slightly loose connection.

Always keep the pneumatic nailer or stapler parallel to the parapet. Put the guide plate into the nailing slot and shoot a fastener in the center of the nailing slot. All panels should move freely under the fasteners to allow for expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes.

Vinyl siding should be installed in accordance with the installation instructions provided by the siding manufacturer. Staples and nails must be corrosion resistant, such as cadmium-plated, galvanized steel or aluminum varieties.

The staples should be at least 16 gauge, and should be half-spread into an oval cross-section. The staple crown must be at least 7/16 inches wide, and its length should be long enough to penetrate a strong base (such as a sheath or backing plate that is at least 3/4 inch).

Power fasteners are designed to operate at specific air pressure settings. Set the initial air pressure according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Test the vinyl siding nail gun, air pressure and use skills during the first process of the siding. Then, make the necessary adjustments or changes so that the following conditions exist on all fixed panels:

coil nail gun for roofing

For the depth of the fastener, leave a 1/32 inch gap between the nail crown or nail head and the side plate.

 Place the fasteners in a strong base material on each stud or at a maximum spacing of 16 inches.

 Center the fastener foot in the nail slot.

 Make sure that the panel is loose so that it can move freely in the lateral direction.

 During the installation process, please check regularly to ensure correct fixing.