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Low Vibration orbital sander by imported bearing


Low Vibration orbital sander by imported bearing! 

Low vibration rongpeng orbital sander RP7335 by imported bearing! 


Low vibration rongpeng orbital sander RP7335 Super-strength screw capacity of bearing multiple disassembling, Low Vibration by imported bearing, better suitable for factory use, One machine is suitable for many occasions, best ideal for car polishing, wood polishing, metal polishing, furniture polishing and so on

1. Eccentric shaft stabilization: for long time working without fatigue and numbness

2. Cylinder: iron or steel, steel for more durable working

3. Rotor blade: High quality bakelite for 24 hours working no over heat

4. The O-ring of the shift knob: oil-resistant and wear-resistant

5. High quality Aluminum die casting housing: Four times the working pressure

6. High and low pressure test:High pressure: 6.3bar,Low pressure: 4bar, Used in the air compressor is relatively small, low pressure start, from the side that the internal wear is small, long life

7. POM Plastic rotor with embedded parts: breaking force can be up to 800Nm.