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Impact Wrench Supplier In China


Impact Wrench Supplier In China

Zhejiang Rongpeng Air Tools Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest impact wrench supplier in china, These are compressed air powered impact wrenches. Pneumatic or air impact wrenches are widely used in Automotive, Construction, Assembly, Manufacturing, Agricultural equipment , Pipeline assembly, and all other fastener installation. They have some distinct advantages when compared to electric wrenches.

The air impact wrench is simple in engineering design and hence they are relatively inexpensive. Since there are no electronic or electric parts, the chances of a malfunction are very rare. But the biggest advantage is that the working cost and maintenance cost is very low comparing with power tools. The best ideal for long time continuously working.

Different working condition need different square drive, such as M12 screws need 3/8” air impact wrench, M16-M19 screws need 1/2” air impact wrench, M25 screws need 3/4” air impact wrench, M50 screws need 1” air impact wrench, we AEROPRO Tools have the whole series air impact wrenches for your choice

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