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How to select the right airless sprayer for DIY


How to choosing the right airless sprayer for DIY use?

Are you ready to buy something when you just arrived at the hardware store? Successful projects require the correct combination of sprayer specifications. When determining the ideal airless sprayer, consider the following factors.


Looking for a quick paint job? Then choose a more powerful airless sprayer. More horsepower means more paint will be sprayed faster. However, don't buy a sprayer that is too powerful to actually operate.


Before buying, please consider what kind of paint you want to use. If you are looking for thicker paint, you need a sprayer with a larger tip. A pen tip that is too small can clog your spray gun.

Project scale

The scale of the project will affect the function of the sprayer you need. Bigger work will require more pressure and motivation. Smaller tasks may only require handheld devices.

Hose length

Are you working on a bigger job, such as painting a fence? Then, you need to use a longer hose on the airless sprayer. Long-distance operations may require a hose or extension cord of at least 25 feet in length.

Weekly trading volume

How much paint do you think your project needs? The size of the project will determine the size of the sprayer you need. Before buying a Rongpeng airless sprayer, try to estimate how much. Thicker paints (such as varnishes) will also have different requirements. 

Use the right tips

It is important to use the correct technique on the airless sprayer. You can control the width of the painting pattern. They also control the rate of paint release.

For light to mid-coat paint work, a smaller Tip can be used. If you want to apply primer or block fillers, you should use a larger tip.

The extension function can also be used for difficult-to-reach drawing points. They are very suitable for painting high ceilings and hallways.

Not sure about buying techniques? Check the paint product data sheet. Or call your paint supplier for advice.

Number of guns

For small and medium jobs at home, a paint gun can do your job. But for large commercial and industrial projects, you will need a staff member. Therefore, buy a few guns to accommodate everyone.

Available power

As we mentioned above, you can buy gas, electric or pneumatic airless sprayer. Some can even be converted from electricity to gasoline

In summary, Airless Sprayer RONGPEN RP8620 is recommended for your home use, and Airless Sprayer RONGPENG R650 for your professional use.

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