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How To Check Your Tyre Pressure And Inflate Tires?


Inflated tyres not only help keep you safe on the road, but also save you money by improving fuel efficiency and extending the life of your tyres. That's why routinely checking your tire pressures is a must for all drivers.


What You’ll Need


Before checking your tyres, you’ll need a few essential tools.


A reliable tyre pressure gauge. Choose automotive specific and high precision for  long-term use.


An air compressor. This can be a portable 12V compressor that plugs into your car's power outlet, or a stand-alone compressor for use at home. Make sure it has an accurate regulator gauge built-in.


Chalk or Marker. Helps you keep track of which tyres you’ve already checked.


Check your owner’s manual or door jamb for the automaker’s recommended tyre pressure levels.


Step 1: Checking Your Tyres


Start by parking your car on a flat, level surface. This allows for the most accurate pressure reading since the weight isn’t focused on just one tyre.


With your gauge in hand, start by checking tyre pressures when the car has been stationary for at least 3 hours. Unscrew and remove the valve stem caps from each tyre's air valve. This allows you to place the gauge directly onto the valve stem to get the most accurate pressure reading.


It’s important to check each tyre’s pressure more than once for the reading to normalize. The first reading may skew slightly high if the tyre surface is warm from driving. 


Step 2: Understanding Tyre Pressure Readings


As you measure the pressure in each tyre, compare the readings against the recommended PSI levels. If any pressures are at least 2 psi lower than recommendations, inflation is needed. Underinflation is usually easier to detect just by looking. An underinflated tyre often appears slightly flat with excessive tread contact.


Uneven wear and pressure also indicates suspension alignment or shock absorber issues. Have a mechanic inspect these components immediately.  


Step 3: Inflate to Proper Pressure Level


Attach your air compressor or pump’s pressure hose to the valve stem on your tyre’s rim. Switch on your inflation device and set it to your desired PSI level if adjustable. Inflate slowly to a few PSI below the recommended level then ease on the last bit to match the spec. You don't want to overshoot and have too much pressure.


Do not exceed the target pressure level. Overinflating can wear out your tyres' mid walls causing bubbles. Plus it leads to harsher ride quality and uneven tread wear.


Remove the compressor hose from the first tyre then repeat Steps to inflate any other tyres that are low on pressure. Recheck each one as you go around to ensure you match the recommended PSI in all of them.


When finished, screw the valve stem caps back on tightly. This seals out dirt and moisture helping maintain accurate pressure over time.


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