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Coil pallet nailer for pallet projects


Coil pallet nailer for pallet projects

You've may heard of framing coil nailers to do your wooden pallet projects, but what about the pallet coil nailer? Pallet nailers look and function very similar to a framing coil nailer - the only difference being these special nail guns are designed for industrial applications, such as building and repairing pallets and crates.

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Usually for use with coil nails, most models accept nails that vary in length. These may range from 1-inch to under 3-1/2 inches. It gives you more flexibility in your wooden crating and pallet work. Many models also have a zero nail lockout feature which keeps you from dry firing once the magazine is empty. Skid plates on the tool help keep the tool in place when placed on the workplace.

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Most Rongpeng pallet nailer have a depth-of-drive dial feature which allows you to select the desired depth for the job. Whether you need to countersink the fasteners, shallow drive or to flush mount, the coil gun makes it easy to do so.Such as Rongpeng MCN55,Rongpeng MCN70,Rongpeng MCN80,Rongpeng MCN90,Rongpeng MCN100.

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