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Coil Pallet Nailers For Efficient Wood Pallet Assembly


Pallets made of wood are ubiquitous in warehouses and distribution centers for storing and transporting goods. Wood pallets provide a sturdy and economical platform for safely stacking products to be moved with pallet jacks and forklifts.


To assemble high-quality wood pallets quickly and efficiently, pallet factories rely on pneumatic pallet nailers, that enable fast, repetitive nailing for constructing wood pallets.


What are Coil Pallet Nailers?


Pneumatic pallet nailers, are specialized nail guns designed for assembling wooden pallets efficiently. They use compressed air power, typically from a compressor, to drive nails into wood when building pallets. Pallet nailers enable high-speed, high-volume nailing for constructing wood pallets.  These popular coil nail guns use a coiled strip of nails for fast, high-volume nailing. They fire nails ranging from 1 to 3.5 inches for assemble pallets of varying thicknesses.


Benefits of Using Coil Pallet Nailers


Coil pallet nailers are designed for high-volume nailing applications. Most models contain large capacity magazines that hold up to 200-300 nails. The continuous operation enabled by the nail magazines and accelerated nailing from compressed air results in a dramatic productivity boost.


Workstations can churn out finished pallets much faster. With a pneumatic nailer, a worker can build complete pallets in just minutes as opposed to hours. This allows warehouses and shipping departments to construct dozens more pallets per day.


This reduction in fatigue allows workers to build more pallets per shift with less physical exertion. Over an 8-10 hour shift, the difference in fatigue between manual and pneumatic nailing is substantial. The minimal effort needed to operate a nail gun results in less worker downtime, greater efficiency, and reduced risk of repetitive stress injuries.


Pneumatic power enables precise nail placement for ideal wood pallet durability. The nails can be consistently driven at the desired depth into the lumber based on air pressure settings and nail length. Manual hammer swings often result in crooked nails, uneven depths, and accuracy errors. The precision and consistency of pneumatic nailers produces sturdier, longer lasting finished pallets.


Pneumatic tools also ensure consistent spacing between nails for ideal load distribution across the pallet. The steady operation of nail guns allows evenly distributed nail patterns and robust pallet construction.


Today's pallet nailers offer great versatility for various pallet sizes and configurations. Extended magazine capacities allow workers to drive over 300 nails before stopping to reload. Nailers are available for everything from 12 ounce lath nails to 4 inch pallet nails. With adjustable depth controls, the nailer can be fine tuned to prevent poking through the bottom of the pallet. Interchangeable trigger settings enable switching from sequential fire to contact fire for rapid nailing. Whatever the pallet specifications, there is a pneumatic nailer well suited for the job.


Choosing the Right Pallet Nailer


Some important features to look for when selecting pneumatic pallet nailers.


coil nail compatibility - Pallet nailers should accept coil nails that come in reels for fast loading.


Depth adjustment - Ability to adjust nail depth for different wood thicknesses.


No mar tip - Tip should not mark or dent wood surface.


Tool-free jam clearing - Easy clearing of nail jams without tools.


Side load magazine - For convenient reloading of nails.


Ergonomic grip - Comfortable grips for extended use and minimal fatigue.


Safety features - Dry fire lock out, trigger lock off, non-slip grip, etc.



As a pallet company owner, you need tools that can keep up with high-volume demands. That's why we recommend the RONGPENG MCN80 coil pallet nailer for  heavy-duty job. 


High strength aluminum alloy die casting body. Large piston with German workmanship. Multi-directional exhaust. Contact fire trigger. Spare parts interchangable with MAX. Jamed nail rate at about 0.03%. Aircraft grade bumper, wear-resistant. TPE handle sheath, resistant to frost cracking.


Industrial grade super heavy duty coil nailer. Ideal for making pallets, packaging and crating.


Model No:MCN80

Dimension: 362*132*307mm


Required pressure:85-115PSI(5.8-8bar)

Max pressure: 120 PSI (8.3bar)

Nail capacity:300-350pcs


RONGPENG has quickly risen to become an unrivaled global producer of air-powered devices including air tools, air spray gun, air nailer, airless paint sprayer, and etc.

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