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China Rongpeng Air Framing Nail Gun Manufacturer


China Rongpeng Professional Air Framing Nail Gun Manufacturer 

Rongpeng has series of air framing nail gun,has 20years experience on this aera, we have customers all over the USA, Canada, North Europe, Australia and so on.

As we know, in USA most peoples like using 21 degree framing nail gun,  in Canada North Europe, Australia people usually use 34 degree framing nailer,so we have 21 degree Round Head Plastic Collated framing nail gun and 34 degree Clipped head paper collated framing nailer, all of them can purchase from us!

rongpeng air framing nail gun

Rapid fire as 4 nails per second!!!

Inner parts interchangeable with Hitachi!!


framing nailer parts

1. Piston is heat treated by Imported Germany Ipsen heat-treatment equipment(Pic 1);image.png                                              

In the heat treated step, the piston is evenly put in the shelf; one level only(Pic 3).image.png

2. Metal process by Japan Mazak equipment(Pic 2);image.png

3. Piston ifespan as 300,000 times, normally 24 months working.


4. High precison casting framing nail gun nose;

5. heat treated by Germany Ispen equipment(Pic 1);

6. Metal process by Japan Mazak equipment(Pic 2).


7. Aero level bumper, with long lifepsan;

8. Bumper lifespan as 300,000 times, normally 12 months working.


9. Anodic oxidized cylinder with smooth surface and also long life

10. Nail stuck rate lower than 0.03%;                                    

11. Fast nailing speed as 4pcs per second