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Causes Of Clogged Paint Sprayer Tips And How To Avoid Them


While it may seem like an easy problem to brush off, tip clogs can actually stem from a variety of causes that are worth understanding. Once you know what's causing your frequent tip clogs, you can adjust your materials, technique to help prevent them.

Using the Wrong Tip Size

One of the primary causes of clogged tips is simply using an incorrectly sized tip for the material you're spraying. Tip sizing is actually quite nuanced, as you need to consider the spray fan width, orifice size, and the viscosity of your coating.

Thick, high-solids coatings like exterior stains need a larger orifice tip to allow enough flow without bending. But use too large of a tip and you'll experience excessive overspray. Conversely, thin liquids like sealers require smaller tips - but go too small and you'll starve the tip, causing clogs.

Some painters try to power through with the wrong sized tip instead of swapping it out. This is a surefire way to clog your tip. Dried paint can quickly build up and block off the tiny tip orifice.

Do your research on tip sizing charts and consider investing in extra tip sizes for your most commonly sprayed materials. It's a small price to pay to avoid constant clogs and re-work.

Poor Gun Filter Maintenance

While most painters are religious about cleaning their gun tips and guards, many forget about the tiny internal filter(s) inside the spray gun itself. Over time, these semi-permeable filters can become caked with dried paint or metal shards from wear.

When the gun filters get gunked up, they'll start to release these debris bits into the fluid stream. Those particles then get blasted into the tip's tiny orifice, causing nasty clogs. This is why maintaining your gun filters is so crucial.

Even if you strain the original coating, constantly circulating fluid can pick up debris from the bottom or sides of your spray pot or bucket. For most guns, swapping in a fresh filter every couple weeks (or per product change) can prevent debris clogs.

Old, Dried Material In The System

Here's a scenario we see all too often: A painter buys a premium coating, sprays what they need, and then lets the rest linger in their pump system for weeks or months before their next application. When they next go to spray, they immediately get tip clogged with semi-hardened material.

While some coatings can remain stable for a while, many materials will start to cure, solidify, or deteriorate if left stagnant too long. That old, drying material can easily shred off in solid chunks that will wreak havoc on your tip.

The fix is simple: Always properly flush and clean your entire pump system immediately after use. Don't let any coating material linger and dry out in the lines, hose, or gun. Invest the time to circulate your system cleaner and get it completely flushed out.

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