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Can a roofing nail gun shoot siding nails?


You can use a roof nail gun (1-3/4" galvanized nails) to install the siding ,If you "blindly nail" them, so you can't see the nail heads at all.

Similarly, are roof nail guns and siding nail guns the same?

The main difference between these nails is that roof nails are actually used for roofing work, such as nailing shingles, on the other hand, siding nails are used for siding work, such as carpentry.

Also, what kind of nails do you use for Hardie siding? 

5 best siding nails-reviews

Product NameCapacity (nail)Rating
1. Bostitch N66C-1 Coil Siding Nailer3004.5
2. Makita AN611 Coil Siding Nailer300 - 4004.5
3. Hitachi NV65AH2 Coil Siding Nailer200 - 3004.5
4. Carpenter CCN65 Coil Siding Nailer

5. Rongpeng CN65 Coil Siding Nailer