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6 Benefits of HVLP Sprayers


HVLP sprayers offer a lot of benefits for shop owners that alternative sprayers don’t. This type of sprayer not only does a very effective job – providing first-class coverage – it costs considerably less to purchase, maintain and operate. As long as you have it hooked up to the right air compressor, you can expect excellence, as well as versatility. But what are some of the specific benefits you get by using the HVLP sprayer?



Reduced Waste

Because of the overspray, you get with virtually all sprayers, you can often end up wasting a lot of paint. Instead of all of the paint going on the car, it ends up on the floor or floating in the air. Excessive overspray can increase the cost of doing the job, both because of the waste and because the job will take longer.

But with the HVLP, you’re using a lower pressure and air volume – with the result that much more paint actually lands on the surface of what you’re painting and less is wasted as overspray. This also has the added advantage of reducing pollution, making this type of paint sprayer much better for the environment.

Terrific Finish

As long as the equipment you’re using is properly set up and adjusted, you can get an excellent finish using an HVLP sprayer. And one advantage this finish will have is that once the final clear coat is applied, you won’t have to buff it. This speeds up the painting process and significantly cuts down on your labor costs.

Financial Savings

In a professional shop, using the HVLP sprayer exclusively can significantly reduce your paint costs. Part of this savings comes as a result of the reduced overspray, but another part is because of the transfer process being much more efficient. If your business does a lot of spray painting, this savings can really add up over time. And any time you can reduce your operating expenses, that’s profit going right into your pocket

Quicker Painting

One of the best things about using an HVLP spray gun instead of one of the alternatives is you can greatly reduce the time it takes to complete a job. This is because more paint is being delivered to the surface when you’re spraying. The more quickly you can complete one job, the sooner you can move on to the next and then the next.

Lower Upfront Cost

HVLP sprayers are relatively inexpensive, meaning you’ll have less upfront cost when purchasing one for your business. The cost is even lower if you already have a reliable air compressor you’re using for other tools. Thanks to this lower upfront cost – as well as the reduced operating costs – you can quickly recoup your investment in this tool.

Safety Issues

Because the HVLP spray gun is so efficient when transferring paint to the surface, they’re also much safer for workers to use. This is because the reduced overspray results in less paint in the air. Of course, breathing equipment is still necessary when you’re using this tool in your shop. But even so, they represent less of a danger than other types of paint sprayers.

If you‘re thinking about purchasing a paint sprayer, you should definitely consider the many positive benefits offered by HVLP sprayers. They not only save money and time, but they can also produce a high-quality finish and are safer to use. Hopefully, the above provides you with the information you need when choosing spray painting equipment.