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15 degree Crating and pallet nail guns


15 degree Crating and pallet nail guns

The RONGPENG Crating and pallet nail guns comes in handy for work on the pallet. This is a small pistol-shaped tool that helps you drive in fasteners. It is also known as a pallet nail gun due to its heavy application in wooden pallet making jobs. The nail gun is also useful for jobs on crating. Regular pallet nails cannot be used in the nailer but you must use nails that come on a coil. Although various tools are involved in wooden projects, the coil nailer has several advantages as outlined below.

1.  Ease of Use
The RONGPENG coil gun is a heavy duty, compact tool. This makes it easy to work with. It also assists in portability. When you have to work in confined spaces, the small size of the tool makes it easier to operate. It eliminates much of the effort and strain associated with a hammer. You need not exert yourself as much physically. This reduces the incidence of fatigue. Most models of the coil gun incorporate an ergonomic handle. This gives you the best grip as you work. It also allows you to work more comfortably.
2.  High Performance
The RONGPENG 15 degree wire coil nail gun is a pneumatic tool fuelled by compressed air. This gives it a high power output. It allows you to drive in fasteners into shingles much faster than using a hammer. Besides the speed, it also does an accurate job. Once installed, fasteners remain securely in place. You’re unlikely to do repair work soon if a coil gun is used for the job. This contributes to the longevity of your roof. However, if a hammer is used, not only is more time and effort called for, but the shingles may not remain secure for long.
3.  Versatile
Most RONGPENG crating and pallet coil nail guns have a depth-of-drive dial feature which allows you to select the desired depth for the job. Whether you need to countersink the fasteners, shallow drive or to flush mount, the coil gun makes it easy to do so.
Most models accept nails that vary in length. These may range from 1-inch to under 3-1/2 inches. It gives you more flexibility in your wooden crating and pallet work. Many models also have a zero nail lockout feature which keeps you from dry firing once the magazine is empty. Skid plates on the tool help keep the tool in place when placed on the workplace.  
4.  High Holding Capacity

The crating and pallet nail guns has a higher holding capacity for fasteners than most tools. The magazine can accommodate up to 150-350 coil nails. Once fully loaded, you won’t have to reload frequently. This causes fewer disruptions as you work. It reduces on downtime and helps sustain your focus. The tool lets you know when you need to reload. Not much time and effort is involved when you have to reload. This contributes to the smooth flow of work. It also enables you to complete work faster.