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127th Canton Fair Will Be Held Online From June


127th Canton Fair Will Be Held Online From June 15-24

The Ministry of Commerce of China has decided that the 127th Canton Fair will be held online from June 15 to 24. As the exhibitor of the Canton Fair, Zhejiang Rongpeng Air Tools Co., Ltd. ensures that various preparations are made in accordance with the arrangement of China Foreign Trade Center. We will make good use of the online platform provided by the trading center. In this unprecedented period, we have made special efforts to organize a particularly meaningful and meaningful "Online Canton Fair".

The Canton Fair has been held for 63 consecutive years. As an all-round open platform, it has made great contributions to international trade cooperation. Zhejiang Rongpeng Air Tools Co., Ltd. has been participating as a Chinese supplier for 20 years, 44 sessions, weatherproof, we will continue to bring our main products nail guns, spray guns, pneumatic tools, high-pressure electric airless spraying machines on the Internet .

In this unprecedented time, we need your participation more than ever before to successfully hold the next meeting. Let us work together to create more business opportunities!