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1/2 inch impact wrench which country manufacture?

In the world, which countries are manufacturing impact wrench manufacturers, maybe you would say Zhejiang, China, Taiwan, China, the United States, Germany, etc., but which region do you prefer to use? With the development of technology, the difference in quality may be getting closer, but the money paid is still different. Take the impact wrench made by Rongpeng Air tools in Zhejiang, China. The quality has been greatly improved, and you can pay less than 25 %, this is my opinion, welcome to show your opinion?

new type impact wrench

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when your car need to painting what are you do?

when the car need to painting, i thinks as below:

The first is to purify the construction site

Before painting the car, the construction site must be inspected and treated to keep the ground clean and the wall hygienic. If it is an open-air construction site, it must be sprinkled with water to avoid the invasion of foreign sand and dust during the construction, resulting in paint film gloss and weather resistance. Sexually affected situations.

Second clean construction tool

Check the surface quality and cleanliness before painting. Before painting the car, the tools used in the construction, such as brushes, Rongpeng spray guns, paint buckets, stirs, etc., must be kept highly clean, and must not be contaminated with oil, dust, water marks, and old paint Substances that are contaminated with paint fluids. The surface quality of the car before painting must meet the specified process standard: the whole car table


Third choice of matching paint materials

When inspecting the quality of paint materials and choosing supporting materials for car painting, it is necessary to consider from many aspects: after the completion of the car product, most of the working time is outdoors, and the car paint layer must have higher protection and more Nice decoration. Therefore, it is necessary to choose high hardness, high gloss, bright colors, weather resistance, heat and humidity resistance, salt spray resistance, mildew resistance and other good performance. The choice of supporting system should be different with the main requirements of the purpose of painting. Various paints have different matching requirements, and the following two conditions must be met when considering: There should be good binding ability between the primer and the topcoat The primer and the topcoat should be adapted, that is, they must be compatible with each other.

The fourth color mixing paint and paint mixing

Dilute filtration If you need to adjust the color before construction, try a small amount of samples first. After meeting the standard color plate, expand the mix according to the proportion of the trial adjustment. You should master the gap between the wet and dry samples based on experience.

Fifth shield protection

When use Rongpeng hvlp spray gun to painting a car, most of the paint materials contain various volatile solvents that are harmful to the human body. When the concentration of these solvents is high, the nerves of the solvent have a serious stimulating and damaging effect on the human nerves, which is easy to cause poisoning. Therefore, the workplace must have good ventilation, lighting, dust removal, anti-virus equipment, and wear a variety of protective equipment, such as work clothes, gloves, masks or gas masks and protective glasses.

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Heavy duty pneumatic air impact wrench tool for car wheel

How Much Torque Do You Need on pneumatic air impact wrench tool for car wheel repair? More Is Always Better, Right?

In today’s world of Air tools, When you look at two impact drivers with the same price tag and one has more power than the other, you want more power, right?


Maybe not.


High-Torque Impact Driver Pros

High-torque impact drivers can replace the need for a light-duty impact wrench

Perfectly capable of general screw driving in lower speeds

High-Torque Impact Driver Cons

Requires an adapter that breaks easily on hard metal fastening


More Torque Means More Jobs with One Tool

The most powerful impact drivers in our shootout crushed 2656 in-lbs of fastening and 4200 in-lbs of breakaway torque. A quick conversion to ft-lbs puts those figures at 221 and 350 ft-lbs, respectively.


In other words, they’re putting out light-duty impact wrench numbers. With that kind of power, you can skip the 3/8″ impact wrench and just keep a 1/2″ on hand for larger fasteners. There’s no doubt that replacing a tool increases your impact driver’s value.


The Problem With Too Much Torque

The bolt have has the certain locking force, If the powerful too big, The bolt will be broken .hurt the bolt.


When chose impact wrench , You need check the Bolt size first . check what torque you will need .Not the powerful the good 

Are you think so?

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