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Air Under Coating Gun 616A

Air Under Coating Gun 616A

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Product information
  • Specializing in spray vehicle glue on the car chassis and rustproof fluids both on chassis and body interlayer.

    As well as various kinds of primer and subcoat paint.

    Excellent atomization.

    Suction feed.

    Light weight trigger,easy trigger reduce operating fatigue.

    Light and strong gun design accord with ergonomics.

    Air inlet,good sealing and reliable,wildcard design.

    The top of the humanized hook design, with the use of the accompanying, with the release.

Product Parameter:


Type of Feed:Suction

Recom. Pressure:4.0-7.0bar

Max Pressure:9bar

Pattern Width:30-60mm

Nozzle length:84mm

Paint Capacity:750cc

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