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Straight Air Screwdriver RP7229

Straight Air Screwdriver RP7229

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Product information
  • Low noise: The rear honeycomb silenced exhaust has a noise level as low as 90 (dB) A.

    Press down clutch switch: The touch clutch switch automatically stops rotating when the torque value is reached.

    High torque accuracy: 0.75-4N. m, adjustable torque, precise torque can reach ± 3%, effectively preventing screws from slipping.

    Self locking clamping head: Simply press down on the clamping head and place it into the bit to lock it, making it convenient and fast.

    Suitable for mechanical manufacturing, hardware repair, electromechanical assembly, home maintenance.,etc.

A Push-to-Start Auto Shut Off- Air Impact Screwdriver or nut runner is a compressed air powered tool that is used to tighten or loosen screws, bolts, nuts, or other threaded fasteners.


1. Perfect for high-capacity, high-precision screw tapping and removal.

2. Suitable for high-precision mass production industrial assembly and assembly that require torque, such as home appliances, electronic appliances, instruments, toys, furniture, hardware molds, plastic molds, motorcycles, bicycles, small and medium-sized engines, and various spare parts.

Square drive:1/4

Capacity Bolt Size :2-5mm

Free speed:800RPM


Machinery: M3.3-M5.7

Self-drilling: M2.7-M4.4

Avg.air consumption:4cfm(114 l/min)

Operating pressure:90psi(6.3bar)

Air inlet size:1/4

Air hose:1/4"ID

A weighted sound pressure leve:90.6dB(A)

Sound power level:101.6dB(A)

Vibration in the handle:2.8m/s   

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