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How to operation 2 in 1 brad nailer stapler combo nail gun

Rongpeng 2 in 1 brad nailer stapler combo nail gun 

Features/ benefits:

·        Nail head and drive pin are processed by German Ipsen heat treatment, high strength, wear resistance

·        More than 10-15 million times Pin life 

·         Jamed nail rate at about 0.03%   

·        Air-class cushion bumper wear-resistant bumper

·        sequential fire function                                 

·        High-strength hard alumina shell wear resistanc

·         When the nail is used up, it will be displayed on the clip  

·         Handle sheath TPE material is soft and will not crack

·        High-strength aluminum alloy die-casting gun body

·         Nail Depth adjustment device for different occasions

·        360 degree exhaust cover


Main Applications:

  • Interior and exterior finish and trim,

  • Furniture,

  • Cabinet work,

  • Staircases,

  • Paneling,

  • Crafts,

  • Hobbies,

  • Upholstery,

  • Chair rail,

  • Crown molding.